• Consulting and advice on Space mission Analysis and Design, and Technical Reviews
  • Offering Training to Young Engineers in Satellite Systems Development
  • Adaptive Algorithms, System Identification and Channel Identification, Inverse System Modelling, Digital Communications Adaptive Channel Equalization, Signal Prediction, Space Mapping and Interference and Echo Cancellation Algorithms development.
  • Weather Predictions and monitoring, and offering this service to Governments agencies. GRO using GPS occultation measurements to determine temperature, pressure and humidity profiles of Earth’s atmosphere for application in operational meteorology and climate research.
  • Data Analytics and Analysis
  • Development of Air Traffic Management Systems.


  • Develop and design Space hardware, Space sensors and Satellite payloads.
  • Develop and design Satellite transponders, Inter-Satellite Links transceivers.
  • Development of VSAT-Terminals, VHF/UHF/S-Band TT&C Transceivers, X-Band and Ku/Ka-B and Transceivers and Satellite Modems.
  • Development of Satellite Ground Stations, Air Traffic Navigation Systems and Integration.
  • Development and design Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receivers and Transmitters.
  • Development and design Software Defined Radio (SDR), Sonar & Radar Systems.